Bedrooms & Baths


  • Bedrooms off gallery,
    left of entry foyer
  • Master bedroom with en-suite bath with sunken tub
  • Guest room and guest
    bath entries off gallery
  • All furnishings built-in
    and closets fitted out
  • All original fixtures, tile
    and porcelain

Usonian Workspace

Kitchen and all systems are
located in a double-height
central core

  • Original appliances,
    cabinets and countertops
  • Custom charcoal grill
    and rotisserie
  • Electric waste

Dining Area

Floor-to-ceiling terrace
doorway enhances the flow between workspace and dining room

  • Terrace access
  • Modular furniture
  • Multiple windows provide abundant daylight

Built-in Entertainment Center

Original and fully functional
monophonic, vacuum-tube hi-fi system

  • Weathers LP turntable
  • McIntosh MR55 FM tuner
  • Marantz Model 1 preamp
  • McIntosh MC60 audio amp
  • JansZen Model 130 electrostatic tweeter
  • JansZen Model 250 10” woofer